Ruth 1

Who do you trust?

Ruth 2:1-7  How do you let yourself be defined?

God of the Women

Backstories from the book of Ruth

Ruth 2:8-16

Who do you act like?

Ruth 2:17-3:5

Should I stay or should I go?

Ruth 3:6-18

What are you willing to commit to?

On the First Day

Mark 16:1-8

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Mark 15:21-32


Mark 15:33-41


Mark 15:42-48

Foreshadowed Fulfillment

Mark 14:43-52

Two Trials--Two Tragedies

Mark 14:53-72

Suffered under Pontius Pilate

Mark 15:1-20

Transforming Tradition

Mark 14:12-26

Forecast: Fail

Joel 2:12-27  Alexiana Fry

The End is Coming

A Tainted Gift

Mark 14:1-9

A Tale of Two Treasures

Psalm 11-Guest Kyle Rouse

Abraham-Guest Brian Mattson

Unaware in Rome

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Hopeless in Jerusalem

Busy in Bethlehem

Misunderstanding the Widow's Mite

Mark 12:38-13:2

What gives us our Value?

Afterlife Assumptions

Mark 12: 18-27

How Far?

Mark 12:28-34

Who is the Son of David?

​​​​​​​Mark 12:35-37

Week 1

Ridiculous Commitment

1 Kings 19:19-21

Week 2

Ridiculous Faith

2 Kings 3:9-20

Week 3

Ridiculous Provision

2 Kings 4:1-7

Week 4

Ridiculous Recovery

2 Kings 6:1-7

Week 5

Ridiculous Worship

2 Kings 5:1-19 

How Does Your Vineyard Grow?

Mark 12:1-12

In Debt or Indebted?

Mark 12:13-17

Bring it On-Part 1

-a royal announcement

Bring it On-Part 2

-the temple incident

Bring it On-Part 3

-implication of authority

Citizens of God's Kingdom

Left, Right, Up, Down?


Think Again:  Marriage and Divorce

Think Again: Like a Child

Think Again: Money Talks

Part 1: Prestige

Part 2: Partiality

Part 3: Preservation

I Want to Believe, but...

Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?  Part 2

The Transfiguration...

Mark 8:1-10 Eat, Eat Repeat

Esther-God's Faithfulness in times of uncertainty

Mark8-What's the Big Idea?

Dirty Hands for Dinner

Mark 7:1-23

Being Content with Crumbs

Mark 7:24-30

What God has Did, He done Good

Mark 7:31-37

1 John 3t...

Pain and the Christian Experience

Just Passing By-Mark 6:45-56

The Forever King

Mighty God

Anointed One


November 12-

Feeding of the 5,000

November 19-

You are What You Eat

November 26-

An Order of Chicken Wings

When Pigs Fly

Mark 5:1-20

Interrupted Healing

Mark 5:21-43

Dishonored and Dispatched

 Mark 6:1-13 

When Fear Makes You Doubt...Mark 6:14-29









#1-Everything Matters

#2-Here or There?

#3-You're no Stranger Here

#4-Won't you be my Neighbor?

#5-Work Hard & Take a Break

#6-What's Wrong with Us?

#7-What is the Gospel?

#1-Rain comes from...

#2-The Sound of Silence

#3-You can't always get what you want...

#4-Chariot of Fire

#1-Out with the Old


#2-Sabbath Keeping

Stretch out Your Hand

#3-You want me to do What?

#4-Who is my Mother?

#5-Sow Big or Go Home!

Something Unexpected Begins

Calling all Fishermen

Who in the World is This?

Hide and Go Seek

Pick it Up!

Calling Levi

#1-The Story

#2-What God? 

#3-Humans and the Planet

#4-The Future of Us