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Bethlehem-House of Bread

Christmas Around the World

-Christmas Program

Shepherd's Pie

Pass the Peace

A Tale of Two Trees

Noah and the Ark

Noah Plants a Vineyard 


Moses and the Burning Bush

The Staff of Moses and Aaron

Striking the Rock

Jonah and the 'Tree'

A Well-Watered Tree

A Different Kind of Tree

The Root of Jesse

The Tree of Life

The Funny Business

of Judah and Tamar

Moses and Zipporah go Camping

A Frog that Prays

The Fig Tree

Baldy and the Bears

Naaman Takes the Plunge

Ruth's Risky Proposal

and Boaz' Cold Feet

When Pigs Fly

John Loses His Head




James 1:1-8 The Test of a Lifetime

James 1:9-18 Full Bloom

James 1:19-21 Ears, Mouths & Hearts

James 1:22-27  Just Do It

James 2:1-13 No Respector of Persons

James 2:14-19

James 2:20-26  A Living Faith

James 3:1-12 Controlling the Tongue

James 3:13-18 Wisdom from Above

James 4:1-10 What do You Want?

James 4:11-17 A Proper Perspective

James 5:1-12 When Patience Wears Thin...

James 5:13-20 The Power of Prayer

In the Valley

In the Wilderness

In the Storm


Visit of the Magi

Baptism of Jesus

The Wedding at Cana