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Hope--Lizzie's Story

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House Rules  Exodus 19:1-25

Whose on First?  Exodus 20:1-3

Do you Hear what I Hear?  Ex 20:4-6

Do not Misuse the Name Ex 20:7

Shackles to Shabbat Ex 20:8-11

Honor your Father & Mother Ex 20:12

Do not murder Exodus 20:13

Do not commit adultery Exodus 20:14

Do not Steal  Exodus 20:15

Do not bear false witness...Ex 20:16

Do not Covet-Ex 20:17

Psalm 1

Psalm 19

Psalm 61 -from Regret to Redemption

Psalm 51 -Confession

Psalm 150-Praise the Lord!

Psalm 23-

Psalm 29

Psalm 46-Relax, Remember...

Psalm 126

Psalm 68-A Prizewinning Parade

Psalm 91-an order of chicken wings

Jesus Picked Me

-the story of Zacchaeus

Taken, Blessed, Broken, Given

-the feeding of the 5,000

Interuptions and Intercession

--Jairus's daughter & the woman

The story of

Philip, Simon and the Ethiopian

Bread of Life

Light of the World

The Gate

The Good Shepherd

The Way, the Truth and the Life

The Vine

I am He

I am the Resurrection and the Life





Name and Fame


Playing it Safe

Love your Enemies